Documented Success Inc.
Successfully Piecing Together your Document Puzzle


The base of my business revolves around the legal system. I take the work out of the relationship between you and your attorney as well as the court. I provide research to those involved in Criminal and Civil Cases, and advocate for clients in unsuccessful relationships with attorneys. 

I also provide document preparation for those needing a divorce, bankruptcy, and/or need assistance with family situations such as child support. The world is filled with paperwork, and  I am here to help it flow. 

I have prepared taxes for a number of years as well, so I do also tax preparation and audit support. Provide payroll services and operate quick books.

Mobile Notary as well.  



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My name is Shanna Shackelford, and I have spent the last decade helping people in all walks of life. I spent a few years working as a Certified Nursing Assistant, a few years in mental health, and I also spent a few years learning how to prepare legal cases of different types of law. I have combined all the skills I have learned over the years to create Documented Success. Documented Success advocates on behalf of the disabled and criminally disadvantaged. While working in the different fields, I saw one common theme. People are continuously left out in the dark when it comes to completing the paperwork they need to apply for services. Most people need some type of direction or assistance putting together proper files to access the things they need.

My goal is to take the skills that I have learned, and use them to help you. Documented Success offers assistance in the following areas:

  • Social Security and Disability Advocacy
  • Social Security Organizational Payee
  • Employment Preparation
  • Advocacy with Employees with Employers

Life has also given me an opportunity to see some of the flaws in our criminal justice system regarding those that are disabled going through the system. I've also seen how men and women with felonies are discriminated upon while job searching, and after gaining employment. I hope that I can fill in some of these gaps for you. Set up a free consultation to ask me how!

*CV/Resume´ Available Upon Request*